Change Management Certification in Australia 

Changes are often necessary when organizations take up projects or initiatives aimed at improving performance, address core issues or seize opportunities. These changes may impact processes, organizational structure, job roles, use of technology etc. But, in a finer analysis, it is the employees of the organization who would be tasked with executing the changes. Therefore, the employees need to be successful in personal transitions and if they are unable to embrace and learn new methods of working, the initiative is more likely to collapse. That brings into focus the need for agile project management training and certification in change management.

 Change management defined

Change management is a discipline that focuses on guiding personnel on the way we prepare, support, and equip to adopt the change successfully to achieve organizational success and the desired outcomes. While all individuals and all changes are unique, several decades of research has demonstrated that we can initiate actions to influence people with the way they transition into the changes. Change management helps in providing a structured approach towards supporting individuals to transition from their present state to their future state.
Change management is generally broken up into three levels

Change management for individuals

In many situations, humans, by their inherent nature, resist change though we are resilient creatures. But when some external support is provided to transition, we can also be wonderfully successful and adaptive. Change management for individuals involves understanding the way people experience change and their needs to implement change successfully. It would also require knowledge of elements that would help people to make a smooth and successful transition – what are the messages people expect to hear, from whom, and when. Further, the process would also involve an understanding of the optimal time needed to teach people new skills, ways to coach people to demonstrate the new behaviours they have learned and also help the changes ‘stick’ in the individual’s work. Change management for individuals would also draw from disciplines such as neuroscience and psychology and apply actionable frameworks to change management for individuals.

Initiative /organizational change management

Though a change in individuals is achievable many a times, it gets tougher when a project team attempts to manage change on an individual basis. Initiative or organizational change management teaches us the actions and steps needed to be implemented at the project level for supporting several thousand people impacted by the project. Identifying people and groups who would need to change as a consequence of the project is the first task in organizational change management. It would also involve designing a customized plan to ensure that employees impacted by the change/project get adequate leadership, awareness, coaching and training so that these individuals can adapt to the change successfully. Organizational change management is often focused on promoting the transition of individuals. Organizational change management also complements project management since project management ensures designing of the solution for the project, its development and delivery, change management addresses effective adoption and use of the project solution.

Enterprise change management

Enterprise change management is a core competency that brings competitive differentiation and ability to adapt to the rapid changes in the world effectively. Capabilities in enterprise change management would also mean that change management gets embedded into the organization’s structures, roles, projects, processes, and leadership competency. Further, it would aid effective and consistent application of initiatives enabling leaders with skills necessary to guide teams through the change process and employees become aware of ingredients that make them successful.
Top institutions that provide change management certification in Australia

Change Management Institute

The Change Management Institute has a global presence and is an independent non-profit association comprised of change professionals. Members have created the Institute for members and strive constantly to enhance the values within change management as a profession. With a diverse membership, the institute appeals to all those with a passion/interest in change. The institute’s history spans over a decade and a Practitioner Competency model was launched in 2008. This accreditation scheme has 3 levels and this is the only institution that focuses on competency in accreditation as well as career pathways.

Prince 2 Training

Prince 2 Training has carved out a niche space for itself in the area of providing different types of management training and if you are reading this, it is more likely that you have already known about Prince 2 training. In-house training from Prince 2 Training is available across Australia in all major cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Hobart and Darwin

PM Partners

PM Partners is another well-known institute that offers quality training in the area of project management and change management. The institute’s services are available across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Singapore and the UK.
With over 2 decades of success in providing project/change management to the private as well as public sector organizations, PM partners have risen to become a reputed to go-to destination for professionals seeking training and certification in diverse areas of project management in Australia and elsewhere.


New Horizon Learning Centers is another premier training institution offering a range of project management and other training services for the growth and development of various professionals across Australian cities.
Prosci is ideally suited for professionals looking for quick certification in change management. Prosci offers a 3 day intensive training program for change professionals across disciplines to equip them to manage the people related aspects of change and work towards desired outcomes. This short duration program is available across New Zealand and Australia as a public program. Prosci also has the capability to deliver the program on-site across the globe. Prosci is backed by over 2 decades of research in best practices and enjoys over 3,400 participants across the globe. Prosci is also endorsed by AIPM, PMI, and Change Management Institute.

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The Top 5 Cutting Tool Brands In The Market

You would be surprised to know that cutting tools have been serving humankind for over 2.7 million years. Before the discovery of language, our ancestors invented the art of making tools. Cutting tools have undergone various technology and inventions. In today’s time, we have numerous cutting tools and methods to choose for us. Having multiple options is a good thing but also makes you confuse to which one to adapt for better results. To overcome this challenge, we will be showcasing some light on best Plasma Tool Cutters. These cutters have shown better results in metal cutting than old metal cutting tools and methods. They are known to deliver clear cuts for you than oxy-fuel cutters. It is important to have a plasma cutter guide which includes a serious professional metal fabricator, including roller and circle guide and plasma cutting accessories to use these cutting tools.

Top Five Plasma Cutters of 2018 in Market

The plasma cutters are best and accessible tool for metal workers. For their vast usage and popularity, you would come across various brands and models in the market around the world. It would give you a headache as for which one to choose that would fit your budget yet, giving excellent results. So, don’t worry we would help you to decide the ideal plasma tool cutter for you available in the market. Let’s consider the Top five plasma cutters which would help you in making the right decision for yourself.

1. Hypertherm 088079 (Power Max 30 XP) – It is the best plasma cutter available in the market globally. It works as a dual voltage cutter which can work with household voltage supply (120V) and on industrial voltage supply (220V). The range of output current in this plasma cutter varies from 15A – 30A. The wide range helps this cutter to create clean cuts on a ¼ inch thick metal with ease and quickly. According to the specifications, the power max 30 XP can make cuts in a 3/8 inch thick metal at a speed of 20 inches per minute. You would be happy to know that at 15A the plasma cutter gives a hundred per cent duty. So, if your work requires cutting many thin metal sheets, then Hypertherm’s 088079 plasma cutter will enable you to work for long hours continuously. It rates high in features, builds quality, durability, and functions.
Double design for thick and thin metal sheets
Warranty of three years
Comes with a carry case and portable cutter
Long-lasting consumables
Durable Torch

2. Lotos LTP5000D – If your work requires you to cut metal sheet less than ½ inch of thickness, then it is the ideal plasma cutter for you. It also has the feature of dual voltage which means can work on domestic voltage and industrial voltage. Typically, it works on industrial voltage (220V), and you require a pigtail adapter to make it work on household voltage (120V). Lotos LTP 5000D produces a current between 20A to 50A. One can change amperage with selector knob. On 50A, the plasma cutter works on more than half of duty cycle (60%). The product user manual suggests workers should keep the cutter on 50A when you cut ½ inches thick metal sheets. If you know that your job does not require you to the more thick metal sheet, then it is the perfect plasma cutter for you.

Cheap Plasma Cutter
Has a Pilot arc technology
Requires low pressure
Limitation of ½ inches thick metal sheets
Require Additional Pigtail adapter
One year warranty

3. Super Deal (CUT50) – If your job profiles need you to cut metal sheets of 18 or 22 gauge and you only cut metal sheets not exceeding 1/8 of thickness then be ready to save more of your hard earned money by purchasing Super Deal ( CUT-50). It has the feature of dual voltage and promises great performances in cutting thin metal sheets. It can also help you in cutting metals with a thickness of ¼ inch but, you should move the plasma cutter slowly and settle for lower finish quality. One can expect smooth cutting and high-quality finish when you cut 22 gauge metals. One would manually have to attach the plug to wire as the wire comes unterminated in the cutter to make it work on both voltages. As far as considering the price, the plasma cutter is a decent one to have.

Budget-Friendly Product
Perfect for Thinner Metals
Has Dual Voltage Feature
Not for Metals with thickness more than ¼ inch
Unterminated Cable
Does not have pilot arc technology

4. Hypertherm 088016 – It is also known as an elder brother to Powermax 30XP. It is an industrial level plasma cutter. Powermax 45XP can cut through metal with ½ inch thickness with double speed than Powermax 30XP. The plasma cutter is purposely for gouging. With the Powermax 45XP, one could gouge up to three kg/hour. It can cut for you metal with a one-inch thickness. Plasma Cutter is popular for more splitting the metal than cutting. With added features and added superior qualities of Powermax 30XP, makes the plasma cutter unique and compelling. One could use CNC cutter with this machine. A permanent and powerful plasma cutter to occupy a crucial space in your work area, Powermax 45XP is a perfect choice.

Cuts half-inch thick metal at a speed of 20” per min
At 32A gives 100% duty cycle
Can interface with CNC cutting machine
Superior Cooling System
Very Costly
Not portable plasma cutter

5. Miller Electric ( Spectrum 375) – It is closely in competition with Powermax 30 XP as due to price range and performance areas. It has dual voltage feature and delivers 20A on domestic voltage (120V) and 30A on industrial voltage (220V). During 30A, Spectrum 375 cuts metal with 3/8 inch thickness at a speed of 18”/min. If you consider at a similar point, Powermax 30XP has the speed of 20”/min. There is a pressure regulator built-in the plasma cutter. Forget about manually adjusting the pressure. Some workers don’t include Spectrum 375 in their top choices. Though, the plasma cutter is a wonderful cutter to have for your work purposes.

Competes with topmost plasma cutters
Has Pressure Regulator
Switch Voltages with ease
Requires Large Compressor
Warranty Scheme

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