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January 2011

KitchenDraw 5.0’s new features

KitchenDraw 5.0 even more professional and more flexible thanks to its new features!

Cutting Lists
KitchenDraw 5.0 can generate cutting lists together with bills of material for a project.
Open the scene "EXAMPLE 1" and choose the View | Cutting List command to see a cutting list generated by KitchenDraw, and the View | Bill of material command to see the full list of parts making up the project.

If the  icon is depressed,
you get a summarised list (one line per part with part quantity). If the icon is not depressed, you get a detailed list for each piece of furniture.

These tables can be printed, copied and then pasted into Excel or another program, or even exported in the .CSV format, for import into a production-management or cutting-optimization program.

For more information on the export of cutting lists and detailed bills of material, please Click here.

Open the "KITCHEN TUTORIAL" catalog in MobiScript or read the MobiScript documentation to see how to write scripts describing the components making up pieces of furniture.

Data Synchronization
For KitchenDraw users who use a laptop that is sometimes connected to a network and sometimes autonomous, Version
5.0 provides an efficient solution for the transfer of scenes and catalogs between the directories of the laptop and the directories that are shared on the network server.
KitchenDraw uses the shared network directories if it detects that the computer is connected when started, failing which it uses the local directories.
When connected, KitchenDraw makes sure on one hand that the scenes and catalogs are always up to date on the laptop at each disconnect, and on the other hand transfers the new scenes and new catalogs from the laptop to the network directories upon reconnection.

For more information on this subject, please Click here.

Easier and Faster Pricing
It is now easier and faster to get the pricing of a project that has been prepared with the generic catalog.
In the Pricing view, there is now a "Points" column that allows you to enter the catalog prices, be they purchase prices or selling prices.
If the catalog has been allocated to a supplier and parameterized, the purchase and selling prices are calculated automatically.
Otherwise, a dialog box is displayed when you enter the price of a catalog item for the first time. This dialog box allows you to specify for the current project the applying point value as well as the purchase and selling coefficients.

For more information on this subject, please

"New Generation" manual and automatic tiling
5.0 brings considerable improvements to the tiling functions: it allows the placing of tiles individually, to fill a shape or to cover several walls at the same time (in a working drawing prepared by the user).
The tiles are now individual objects that can be given dimensions, counted and therefore priced. They can be selected individually and replaced; they are automatically cut to fit around openings or projections.

For more information on this subject, please Click Here.

For reasons of compatibility, the "Floor Tiling" in the @Decoration catalogue from KitchenDraw 4.0 has been retained.
The "New Generation" tiles are to be found in the new "@TILES" catalog.

Furthermore, it is now very easy to create a manufacturer’s tiles catalog from images from their web site or from images scanned from their printed catalog.
To learn how to create a tiles catalog, please open the “@TILES" catalog with MobiScript and
download the MobiScript 2 documentation.

Separate Cabinet and Front Catalogs
KitchenDraw 5.0 can fit, price and order pieces of furniture with cabinets from one supplier and fronts from another supplier.
It is therfore possible to choose a front manufacturer independently from the cabinet manufacturer with equal ease (a single drag-and-drop to fit a complete piece of furniture, produce the estimate and the customer order form which includes all the pieces of furniture).
However supplier orders are kept separate.

It is also quite possible to separate the fittings in the same way.

You can change to another front supplier at any time – thanks to a size compatibility check, any mismatches between cabinets and fronts can be avoided.

This function requires specifically designed catalogs.
For further information, please
download the Mobi­Script 2 documentation.

MobiScript 2
The new version of MobiScript is a major advance since it now allows users to draw 3D models, door models and topview symbols of catalog objects.
It is even possible to import 3D models in the .3DS format from 3DS Max or other modeling programs.

Moreover, further functions have been added to the script language, such as the possibility of defining a link between blocks or catalog models and Web pages. It is now possible to create tiles catalogs or catalogs of technical symbols.
The catalog navigator has been improved to make it much easier to find a base part in the catalog.

For further information, please download the Mobi­Script 2 documentation.

The KitchenDraw SDK
The "KitchenDraw SDK" is an Active X component, as well as the documentation and examples that allow a developer to personalize
and extend KitchenDraw functions.

It can be implemented for the following applications:

  • Program for the generation or the automatic update of KitchenDraw catalogs;
  • Program for the generation of printed or on-line catalogs from a KitchenDraw catalog;
  • Module for the generation of order files;
  • Assistant allowing to specify highly parametric objects (stairs, conservatories, etc.);
  • Dynamic interfacing of KitchenDraw with a management program;
  • Etc.

The "KitchenDraw SDK” is reserved for KitchenDraw partners and clients.

Distance training and Remote Support Services
You can now take advantage of distance training facilities and of personalized remote support services.
The procedure is quite simple: If you have available BOTH a telephone line AND an Internet connection (preferably high-speed), we can log on to your system and show you how to use KitchenDraw.
We can also help you with tricky projects or solve problems on your system.

Thanks to this function, visits are avoided and replaced by short and targeted service sessions.
For remote assistance, please purchase service hours ($125 per hour before tax), then contact us for a
Service Appointment.

For more information on this subject, please Click here.

Other Improvements
Numerous interesting, though less important improvements have also been incorporated into KitchenDraw 5.0. Here are the main ones:

  • Components visualization in the pre-visualization area of the Catalogs window;
  • Easier selection of small objects seen in front view and in perspective;
  • Replacement of all selected object at the same time;
  • Import of complementary catalogs (appliances and accessories) in the German VDDK format;
  • 30% faster calculation of the final photorealistic images;
  • Enriched basic catalog, generic catalog and standard catalogs;
  • Etc.

The site has further been updated and its scope widened so as to manage service hours, catalog distribution and assistance.
Documentation has also been improved, in particular with the addition of a page that gives a detailed description of the different commands in KitchenDraw.

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