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August 2005



Kitchen planning and pricing programme

20 hours free to evaluate the program.

No initial outlay/No upgrade costs.

Pay by the hour.

No internet connection is required to run the program.

kitchen and bathroom design software

Easy to use and produces top quality documents!
(floorplans, 3D, photorealistic perspectives, elevations, estimates, cutting lists, parts lists, etc.).

20 hours free  to evaluate the program.

 $5.00/hr maximum cost  gets cheaper by the hour and the clock stops when you stop. No initial cost, THE PROGRAM IS FREE. You only pay for the hours that you use. These hours are downloaded from the web site utilising a secure pay system, look in recharge hours.

Catalogs    there are enough units in the included catalogs to build any style of kitchen or bathroom, they also include hundreds of doors, windows, fittings, electrical symbols, plumbing symbols, tiling, exhaust units, the list goes on. These catalogues can be adjusted to suit your requirements or we can create a  new catalog for you. 

Mobyscript  is the built in software used to design and alter catalogs, if you want to do your own catalogs we can teach you how. To read up on mobyscript look in online training .  

An ideal point of sale program for Cabinetmakers  the quality and ease of use will let you display your design with absolute confidence to your prospective clients, able to change sizes, styles, colours, all at the click of a button, and, all the changes are reflected in the cutting list and price list

No financial risk because there is no capital outlay

Create and update your own catalogs as you like,
- Distribute free KitchenDraw CD-ROMs to your dealers anywhere in the world (KitchenDraw is multilingual),
- Receive your orders via e-mail as XML files and interface KitchenDraw with your existing production and ERP program thanks to the KitchenDraw SDK,

- Generate cutting lists and export them as .CSV files for import to your panel optimization software. 




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